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3SIX5 Logistics has built a stellar reputation among carriers nationwide, and we are proud to be known for much more than getting you the loads you want and making sure you are paid fast. Our approach to working with our carriers is founded on dedication, integrity, and honesty, and we are confident you will not find a better carrier experience with any other logistics company in the country. Join our carrier network and discover our flexibility, responsiveness, passion, and diligence.


At 3SIX5 Logistics, we understand that the quality of your customer relationships are as vital as the deliveries themselves. Our solution is to embody the true care and respect that our shippers rely on to supply their customers.

That is why the service at 3SIX5 Logistics is truly personal. We will go the extra mile all day, every day.

Call us today to request a quote and discover what sets 3SIX5 Logistics apart.


At 3SIX5, we’re growing fast – creating plenty of opportunity for you. We know how important drivers are to our success. That’s why we invest in comfortable tractors with the latest safety technologies and compensate our drivers well.

Here’s something else to think about: We have the broadest range of transportation and logistics services in the industry. You can build a successful long-term career behind the wheel or explore other directions with us in the future – many of our facility managers and supervisors started out as drivers.