3SIX5 Logistics

Who We Are

Who we are

Hard work, dedication, integrity, knowledge and service are the 5 pillars to 3SIX5 Logistics. With over 60 years combined experience in the logistics industry, we exhibit to clients and carriers our knowledge and understanding of the business. We have an in depth understanding of the freight brokerage and trucking side of the supply chain, this allows for building and maintaining trust and dependence from both our clients and carriers. By leveraging our current portfolio we will expand into our already existing markets with a reputation that sets us second to none.

Our name implies our dedication and perseverance, we do not stop, 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days a year we are here for both clients and carriers. This hard work, personally invested relationship attitude, commitment to integrity, and our desire to remain competitive in the market place shines through and will continue to grow in experience and excellence.

Why choose us

There is no team as dedicated to success while being direct and easy to work with as our team. We give 100% for 25 hours a day.

  • Totally Transparent
  • Available Anytime
  • Trucks Everywhere
  • History of Excellence
  • Killer Meatball Subs

About The Team

Marko Kondic


Marko Kondic began his logistics career in 2004 as a dispatcher for a carrier. After two years dispatching, he wanted to explore the other aspects of carrier relations and began truck driving. This led to the invaluable gain of knowledge of how shippers and receivers operate, learning their needs hands on, and at the same time, learning the needs and struggles that carriers deal with on a daily basis on the road. With this knowledge, he was able to recruit more drivers and operators to expand the volume of service given to their customer base. Having this experience at 3SIX5 Logistics is a strong foundation in continuing to develop the carrier relationships needed in order to serve our customer base with this highest level of service and commitment.

Jakub Mroczkowski


Jakub Mroczkowski began his career in logistics in 2007 by expediting local freight from multiple shippers in the Chicagoland area to numerous destination points in the Midwest. This fast paced level of superior service and dedication to his customer base led to the quick expansion into over-the-road services provided by his company, 3SIX5 Transportation, which is dedicated to serving the refrigerated food industry. Starting off as a driver and dispatcher all in one, he was able to use this to his advantage and recruit new drivers and owner operators to expand his business. Understanding the needs of his customers because of his hands on experience in the field, and at the same time understanding the needs of drivers and operators, Jakub was able to solidify his relationships on both points and provide a level of service second to none. Combining the customer base of 3SIX5 Logistics with the services 3SIX5 Transportation provides as an asset-based carrier can only add to the fruition of both companies.

Jonathan Lampros

director of sales

Jonathan Lampros has been building relationships on a foundation of integrity, responsiveness and a deep level of industry knowledge for over 10 years in the transportation and logistics field. His areas of focus include global supply chain management, transportation and logistics solutions, warehouse operations, demand planning and forecasting, inventory management, and manufacturing and procurement processes. His clients range from small family run farms and manufacturers to Fortune 100 companies. The phrase “It’s just business” does not apply to Jon. He is a family man first and his clients are an extension of his family. Jon’s roll-up your sleeves, can-do attitude in service to his clients is what makes him successful and reliable in delivering every time. 3SIX5 Logistics looks forward to continuing to build a strong team around Jon’s capabilities and values.

Christine Kerr

Customer Alliance Coordinator

Christine Kerr began her entrepreneurial career in trucking, back in 2012, when she left the corporate world to buy her first truck.  Kerr Trucking, a Waste Transfer trucking company, based in Chicago, began operations hauling trash for WM and Republic Waste, as a WBE and DBE hauling enterprise, approved through the City of Chicago.  After many years of success, the State of Illinois made budget changes with their impasse and she was ready to try her hand in other endeavors, nationally.  She ran operations in Midland, Texas hauling frac sand for Halliburton, which led to an opportunity to haul milk for Dannon and H.E.B., running from Texas back to Chicago. With an new vision on the horizon, she was connected with the team at 3SIX5 Logistics, to take the next step, with exclusively hauling produce and began to learn the business, from great mentors in Jakub Mroczkowski and Marko Kondic.  Her relationship experience includes C-Level management depth at AT&T, with their $MM company portfolio, coupled with her knowledge of trucking operations, fleet management, and contract facilitation was the missing piece in the 365 Logistics consortium development.  It is this internal partner consortium with 3SIX5 Logistics, that created the symbiotic team that becomes the benefit in strength and professionalism, for our corporate produce partners.

What do you need moved?

No matter the product or location, 3SIX5 Logistics will get it where it needs to go. With drivers on standby in most major cities, we can be loaded and rolling in a heartbeat.

Benefits Of Working With Us

We are Awesome

The team at 3SIX5 Logistics is comprised of the best and most fun, yet hardworking individuals in the business. We have fun doing work and work hard to make sure you can relax and have more fun too.

Available Whenever

Got an emergency? We can pull you out of the fire with a miracle truck. Don’t believe us? Just try calling us next time you are in a pinch. We will make it happen.

Trusted Process

We have been doing this for a while and are basically experts at logistics. When we say we can get it there in time and under budget, we mean it. Even if we have to pick it up in our mom’s minivan.

Total Transparency

We give it to you straight. If you want to know where the truck is, we find out. Want to connect with the driver? Sure! Want to know what we are wearing? Khakis.